How to lower blood sugar?

The ranking of products for reduction and control of blood sugar

Diabetes is a civilization disease that can significantly worsen the quality of life. If left untreated, it may cause many complications. Its symptoms vary, and it can develop in hiding for many years. This disease takes its toll due to the increasingly common bad lifestyle: lack of exercise, poor diet, obesity and stress. Fortunately, you can fight hyperglycemia (i.e. too high blood sugar) with the help of natural ingredients enclosed in capsules and tablets. Which one to choose for yourself?

Sugar norm

Impaired insulin secretion leads to hyperglycemia (i.e. exceeding blood glucose norms). According to WHO, the norm of fasting blood sugar is 70-99 mg/dl. In case of a bad result, an additional glucose tolerance test is performed, in which, 2 hours after drinking a dose of glucose, the sugar level should be lower than 140 mg/dl. A higher result means pre-diabetes or even diabetes.

All activities that can reduce blood sugar levels are very important to your daily health. Especially since its high level equals fatigue, nausea, lack of energy, problems with concentration.

The following may indicate the likelihood of type 1 diabetes:
  • very high thirst
  • frequent urine
  • fatigue
type 2:
  • dry mouth
  • frequent hunger pangs
  • increased thirst
  • sleepiness
  • blurred vision

Medicines help to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, but there are also natural substances that can be used (e.g. white mulberry).

What to consider when choosing a product for yourself?

It is worth choosing products that contain at least a few different active substances. Our bodies are not the same. Therefore some ingredients may have a weaker effect depending on our predispositions. If a product contains several ingredients, then another substance will take over these tasks.

Sugar-lowering products - ranking updated on July 2024.

We took a closer look at a whole range of products that reduce high sugar levels. The ranking is arranged based on user ratings and is constantly updated.

9.3 Effectiveness according to reviewers:
Rich composition with extracts and chromium

Redusugar contains capsules with the richest compositions on the market. 7 strong plant extracts, inulin and chromium. Chromium greatly helps maintain the proper level of glucose. The recommended daily serving of Redusugar contains 500% of daily its daily intake.

Plant extracts

The plant extracts contained in the product affect blood sugar. Berberine, which is present in barberry, effectively breaks down sugars and reduces the production of sugar in the liver. White mulberry, which is well-known to diabetics, regulates the carbohydrate balance in the body. Ginger lowers sugar levels. Cinnamon reduces insulin resistance, etc.

In fact, we could describe every ingredient of Redusugar because each of them has a specific effect.


Redusugar helps to effectively control sugar but also eliminates the discomfort associated with its high level. Fatigue, lack of energy, constant hunger and thirst, headaches subsided.

Convenient to use and affordable price

The product is convenient to use, the capsules are easy to swallow, and the price of the product is affordable given its rich composition.

More information on the manufacturer's website
Diabetins Max

2. Diabetins Max

7.0 Effectiveness according to reviewers:
Glucose control and other results

Diabetins is another product in our ranking. Its properties and composition are quite typical: the main task is to regulate blood sugar levels. The product is also supposed to reduce weight and improve metabolism, but users did not notice such results.

Average effectiveness

Diabetins also cannot properly deal with sugar. Some users were simply dissatisfied with the effectiveness of this product. Ailments such as hunger, problems with concentration, fatigue persisted.

Only 3 active ingredients

The reason may be a short composition, namely only 3 active ingredients: zinc, mulberry and chromium. Mulberry and chromium, as we have already mentioned, are known and often used to lower blood sugar. But, well, the composition consists of only 3 substances from a whole range that could be used...

There is not much information about research

On one of the pages, we found information about research on Diabetins, but we did not find any specific data on this topic (number of participants, rules). The study looks unreliable.

Despite objections, the ratings allow Diabetins to take 2nd place.

Diabetes BilDi

3. Diabetes BilDi

7.0 Effectiveness according to reviewers:
Lots of ingredients

Diabetes BilDi contains 30 capsules, each with a significant amount of active substances, e.g. taurine, coenzyme Q10, vitamin D, zinc, amino acids and chromium. Apart from chromium, most of the ingredients used are not associated with lowering sugar. Vitamin D is known to affect bones and teeth, supports muscle functions, improves immunity, but it is unlikely to be used to lower blood glucose levels. The same goes for other ingredients as well, e.g. selenium.

Supports general health

We treat Diabetes BilDi more as a general health-supporting product. Its effectiveness is rated as average.

High price

It is also worth paying attention to the high price of the product.


4. Zuccarin

6.5 Effectiveness according to reviewers:
Only 2 active ingredients

Another product and only 2 active ingredients. The ingredients are white mulberry and chrome. The composition contains a lot of mulberry extract. Chromium consists of only 33.5% of the recommended daily intake.

Average effectiveness

The poor composition is reflected in the ratings. They are not high, but good enough for the product to be included in the ranking. It is worth noting that Zuccarin worked for practically everyone who used it, but the changes in sugar levels were too small to meet most of the customers' expectations.

Easy to use

Overall, Zuccarin is an average product. It is easy to use, the official website is transparent. However, the ratings are lowered by what is the most important, i.e. effectiveness.


5. SugaNorm

5.8 Effectiveness according to reviewers:

A different approach to product composition is presented by SugaNorm, which is popular in some circles. It is difficult to find an exact list of substances, but some sources mention that it contains, for example, artichoke, cordyceps, amaranth or wild rose. Out of the previously mentioned plants, only cordyceps has a broader role in reducing blood sugar.

The website is not trustworthy

It is hard to find any specific information about the product on the Internet. The website is linguistically sloppy as if it had been translated using Google Translate.

Low efficiency

You should also note that there are 20 capsules per packaging. One unit is therefore sufficient for a short time, which is not an efficient solution.


At the moment, Redusugar is considered to be the best product for regulating blood sugar levels. Capsules with 9 ingredients, including chromium and plant extracts such as white mulberry. Redusugar stands out among the best products by the number of active ingredients. The second in the ranking - Diabetins - has only 3 of these substances.


Rating: 9.3/10
Official website


Author: Pilak


I have tried several products from this ranking and I would not list them here. I don't know why zucarin is even mentioned here. if these are the best ones, the worse ones don't seem to work at all! If I remember correctly, only the redusugar worked as it should, and the rest? Well...


Author: Mimi


Question: if, for example, Diabetins has 3 ingredients, e.g. zinc and chrome, isn't it better to buy them separately and cheaper at the same time? The doses would probably also be higher.


Author: PeterDiabetic


Interesting question. Likewise, Zuccarin has only 2 ingredients.


Author: Maria


Very good ranking. Thank you. I have sugar problems and I will definitely check some of the suggestions from here because everything is well described.


Author: Agatha


Just stay away from the 3rd and 4th!!!!!!! I’ve tried them myself!!!!!!!


Author: Andrew W.


I wanted to take a look at the Suganorm website, but there are actually a lot of weird pages with redirects, reviews that sound just like google translator. Weird things are happening here. All of this does not encourage me to make the purchase.


Author: Joanna


And I highly recommend Redusugar. I bought it thanks to this ranking. Now I came back to confirm everything that has been written about it. The product is great. Hopefully, you will enjoy its beneficial results as I did.


Author: Chris


Diabetes is bothersome. My friends, take care of yourselves. Do sports, maintain a good diet.


Author: Mark


I used diabetes bildi and it worked for me quite well. Although I imported it from abroad and waited a bit for the shipment.


Author: Cyniccal34


It is no surprise that Redusugar is in the first place. Just check its composition and then read about these ingredients.


Author: Isabella


Indeed, the product has a great composition :)


Author: Anna


I do not know much about these various preparations. All I know is that my sister recommended me redusugar and I've been using it for some time now. The results are good and that's what matters the most to me. The capsules are also easy to swallow and I must say that I often had problems with other products.


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